Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hey, jealousy

For as long as I've had parrots, I say an excited "Hello!" as soon as I walk in the door, in hopes that I would be greeted in the same way. For years, that didn't happen. I persevered.

Oh, they were definitely excited for me to return home. The caiques (Beeps, especially) would beep excitedly. Rocky would make his excited vomit noise, and the greys would chirp and whistle. When I'd make it into the living room, they were all extended in a begging pose, fluttering their wings, itching to come out.

A few months ago, Stella responded to my "Hello!" with a "Hello!" of her own. To reinforce this, I'd single her out with a "Hello, Stella-belle!"

For the past week, right after Stella says, "Hello!" Max has been, too. Which of course gets her singled out with a "Hello, Maxwell!"

It just took a little jealousy to motivate Max!

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