Friday, April 2, 2010

Rocky blinders

I mentioned yesterday that Thomas often has Rocky blinders on when it comes to his severe macaw. I think that he's partly joking, but I'm not entirely sure!

For example, this is a typical conversation:

Me: Did you see that Rocky took a bite out of the fish tank (opened all of the cupboard drawers, unfolded the laundry, threw all of my chapsticks on the ground, etc.)?

Thomas: That must have been the greys.

Me: The greys don't go over there. Plus, I saw Rocky do it.

Thomas: I still think it was the greys.

(He blames the greys for everything).

Or, if I'm in the shower and don't take a stick in with me, when I'm done, Rocky's in the bathroom threatening me. I'm stuck in the tub. (I could use a towel, but this causes Rocky undue stress, so I try to get Thomas to remove him).

Me: Could you remove Rocky?

Thomas: Oh, he's OK. He just missed you and wanted to say hi. He won't attack. Trust me.

Me: Yeah. You really need to come and get him.

Thomas: I'm serious! Just come out on your own! He's not raising his wings to threaten you; he wants to hug you!

Me: If you don't come and get him, I will have to use the towel.

Thomas: I'll be right there.

Last night, Thomas was home before me. This doesn't happen very often, and if it does, Thomas is usually running (or sleeping if post-call), so the parrots are in their cages. We'd run together yesterday morning, so Thomas was home alone with the parrots for about an hour before I got there. Rocky must have been in heaven. As soon as I walked in the door, Rocky flew over to me and wanted to attack.

Me: Do you have a stick?

Thomas: Why?

Me: Rocky.

Thomas: Oh, he just wanted to say hi. He's so excited you're home!

Me: Or he's trying to get me for interrupting his dream life of you being the only human in the house.

Thomas: I really don't think so (as Rocky continues to threaten me.)

So there you have it. According to my husband, Rocky is perfect and all chaos is caused by the greys. What planet is he from?


belovedparrot said...

Whatever the planet's called, I'll bet it's rocky! (groan)

belovedparrot said...

Whatever the planet's called, I'll bet it's rocky! (groan)

Mary said...

Thanks for the laugh :)

I *think* he's joking and realizes the extent of Rocky's treachery, but maybe not!