Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Rocky

Last night, Rocky set something in motion that allowed two of his favorite things to come together -- this blue blanket and the hallway.Thomas and I were on the couch, eating dinner. Actually, since Thomas apparently has an asbestos mouth and therefore eats his dinner when mine is still cooling off, I was the only one eating dinner.

Rocky climbed into Thomas's lap, and then started making begging noises and motions towards me, indicating he wanted some of my lentil dish. I had a feeling he was up to no good, but Thomas had his Rocky blinders on. (Examples: You just make up those stories about him! He wouldn't ever try to bite anyone! You ascribe ill intentions to him unfairly! Right.)

I offered Rocky the spoon, making sure to keep my hand far away from his beak. And for cause, as Rocky, at the last minute, changed his intended trajectory from the part of the spoon where the lentils were to the part where my hand was! He gave the spoon a big shake, and lentils went everywhere, including Rocky's favorite blanket.

I wish I would have had this on video! After he did this, Rocky started laughing, which made Thomas and me laugh, too. Not good, as laughing only reinforces this type of behavior!

These events led to Rocky's favorite blanket being placed in the hall, near the top of the basement stairs, so it can be washed. However, Rocky discovered said blanket before it made its way downstairs. Severe macaw heaven! (And he may have even gotten to eat some lentils.)
Leave me and my blanket in peace!


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belovedparrot said...

Awww, he looks so innocent. I'm sure you're just imagining those attacks. ;-)

Mary said...

Oh, yes, it's all just me imagining things! Rocky would never mean any harm! He's just playing!

Thomas is getting a taste of his own medicine lately as Beeps has taken a temporary dislike towards him so Thomas is seeing what it's like to live with your nemesis!