Monday, April 26, 2010

We're back!

We're back! Almost to the minute one week ago, at the time I'm writing this, I had finished running the Boston Marathon and was in search of my warm-up gear. We had a great time in Boston, and I will post some pictures shortly.

We got back late last night, after the parrots' bedtime. However, we decided to let everyone out. They are definitely getting used to us going away and coming back, though they are still more clingy than usual, and likely will be so for a few days.

Rocky was so happy to see his mate again:Perhaps because Thomas had given him some food?

But then we got to work with unpacking. Macaws are not very good at watching what's going on -- they want to be in on the action. So it was with the unpacking.He wasn't the only helpful one:
She couldn't get enough of us last night. Now she's helping Thomas do his neti pot:Calypso is being strange, and I will probably not be able to handle him until this weekend.

Beeps was so happy to see me. I had thought that the week away would dampen his hormonal impulses towards me; alas, this did not happen. He is still trying to woo me and drive Thomas off. He attacked Thomas at least three times last night, including some hovering. Thomas dove out of the way in time, often in a very theatrical way, which just reinforced Beeps, who I fear has come to see this as some sort of game.

Max was wonderful. Thomas has today off of work as well, and he said she spent over an hour singing happy songs while she was in her cage and he was brewing. Last night and this morning she wouldn't let us out of her sight. This will probably get old in a few days, and she'll be back to hanging out in the kitchen alone instead of being with her family.

As always, the only reason we were able to get away was because we have such a wonderful bird sitter who takes great care of them when we're gone. With the exception of Max, they love her. Max actually frustrates me in this regard since she is so difficult for our bird sitter, yet she is so well-behaved for us. When I talk to S. about her, it's like we're discussing a different bird! I just can't believe the trouble Max gives her!

It's great to be back and regular entries should start to follow again soon!


Elizabeth said...

Stella is so funny! I love it when parrots cock their heads in that manner.

Congrats on running the marathon! In an effort to be healthy my bf and I picked up bikes this weekend and had our first long bike ride (I hate running). I really hope it's sustainable.

brenda said...

I'm more than slightly jealous!