Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another nesting update

I didn't think I'd have another update since this one, with the possible exception of some fledgling activity in my yard (which I've seen but not captured on camera yet).  But the robins surprised me!

Earlier this week, we noticed that there was a robin in the nest again, sitting on eggs!  I'm guessing it's the same pair, raising another brood, though of course I have no way to know for sure.  It's nice to know we were welcoming enough that she wanted to try again!
In other nesting news, while Thomas was mowing the lawn last week, he noticed that there is another nest on our drain spout -- this one's in the back. The base looks similar to the robin's nest in front, but there is an elaborate topping to it.  We have not yet been able to figure out who's nesting there.  Fancier robins?  Maybe mourning doves as we've seen them flying in that area?  Something else entirely?
If we figure it out, of course I'll post.


phonelady said...

How wonderful and welcoming the birds feel you guys are and want you to be part of their family . This is awesome news .

Mary said...

Thanks :) We like to think they could tell we want them on our property!