Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brian's tough decision

This morning, Brian had a really tough time deciding which of his two favorite activities to engage in.  Jump around while Thomas swirls a glass of Gatorade, or mug for the camera?

At the end of this video, Thomas was a bit worried that he would jump into the glass (as he's done before) -- luckily this did not happen!

After, Thomas was eating his breakfast.  Brian loves cottage cheese, but we don't let him eat it since parrots can't digest dairy well, Brian is so small that even small amounts can affect him, and he's already got a giant tumor so we're trying to keep him as healthy as possible.

Thomas had the bowl in his hand instead of on the table to prevent Brian from helping himself, but even this was no match for a determined jumping budgie (who was removed right after I took this picture, before he ate any):


phonelady said...

Oh my brian is a very determined creature is he not ? so cute .

Wildbird228 said...

"Brian" needs to drink some of that Gatorade to rehydrate himself from running back and forth from the jar to the camera.

My budgies send their love to "Brian".

Anonymous said...

Brian is such a tiny bird but he has a huge personality! He is adorable.