Friday, June 3, 2011

Rocky flight school

Even though Rocky has not had his flight feathers cut for quite a long time, he still rarely flies.  I guess that's understandable since he was into his 20s before learning to fly.  We're trying to change that, so he gets more exercise.

Thomas usually has him step up and ferries him into the living room.  I had hoped he would follow Thomas of his own volition (flying) but when that didn't happen, I had to help things along:

He still doesn't get as much lift as I'd like, though he can make it to the shower curtain from the floor, so he is making progress.  He's really good at landing, taking corners, flying down, and making changes mid-air.  Pretty much all we need to work on is stamina and taking off on his own.

If only it were as big of a priority for him as it is for us, he could be as proficient as the greys in our house.


phonelady said...

yeah I have seen them where they cannot fly at all . I had a friend who had a big amazon and because he was kept in such a small cage he will not fly because he does not know how . It is sad I hope he starts flying really well . good luck .

Mary said...

He has you to love and support him, he'll be flying high in so many ways!

WendyKnits said...

Wow, what beautiful colors on his wings!

belovedparrot said...

Good Rocky!