Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer fruit!

My official beginning of summer always is when we pick strawberries.  Yum!
Brian was very interested in the strawberries, but didn't try them.  When I offered some to him, he moved his head away so I couldn't miss the fact that he wasn't interested!  (His tumor is quite pronounced in this photo):
If you've read any Brian blog entries, you probably know what is coming next.  I can usually only get one action shot of Brian before he has to run over and then it's just close-ups:
We are going to be eating a lot of fruit in the upcoming weeks, as it is also peach season:
The peaches are ripening on our kitchen counter.  We're hoping, with vigilance, to keep them free from beak marks, but we suspect there will be a few casualties.  Stella is our main suspect, though I guess I should wait for something to happen before making such statements.  We do not prosecute thought-crime!

Speaking of Stella, she is loving the strawberries, but as she is quite dainty, does not want to get her feet dirty.  If she can't find a human willing to hold the berry for her, she has to make do, either by just working the part she has in her beak:
Or by using an available flat surface:
There were some strawberry casualties this morning.  I had cut up a container of strawberries for me to bring to work as an afternoon snack.  I set the container by the back door so I would remember to take them with me.  A few minutes later, Stella had opened the container and had taken bites out of at least 7 berries!  I put the container out of her reach (in the fridge) and then forgot to take them to work!

My afternoon snack will be later than planned.


phonelady said...

Funny my quakers wont touch strawberries . Brian's tumor serious ? will you ever have it removed ?or does it need to be ? I hope that he lives a long full life .

Mary said...

Max won't eat them, either.

We're not willing to take the risk to have his tumor surgically removed. He's already at least 10 years old, which is pretty old for a captive budgie (especially since he had poor diet and no exercise during those 10 years!)

When we took him in, we thought we'd have him only a few months; it's now been 6 months and he's looking better than ever, so we are hopeful to have him a long time!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog I have 2 ag and dream of the day I can handle them I sort of rescued /rehomed them and previously had not had much interaction I talk every day to them and have got where I can stroke thru the cage but they still try to bite everytime I'm in the cage but I'll never give up I'm determined I will get them hand tame again hopefully xx keep up the postings I love reading them

Shannon said...

Speaking of daintiness, Sam my Jardine's is the same way, except for banana, which trumps all hesitations. Steve, though, will put anything into his little mitts, no problem!

belovedparrot said...

Brian is just too cute!