Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nesting in the open

Rocky continues to be ruled by hormones.  He bit Thomas last week when Thomas asked him to step up, so he's using the stick a bit more (I always use the stick.)  So that he could spend more time with the family instead of hanging out underneath his cage, we put a box in the kitchen.  We weren't sure he'd take to it, but he did.
As always, a disclaimer: we've made the decision to allow Rocky to nest as it has no impact on his behavior.  (As in, his behavior does not improve if we remove nesting materials.)  Also, since he is a male, we do not need to worry about egg-binding problems.  We do not allow our females to nest.  This keeps him happy, occupied, and rather quiet.  Despite the fact that Thomas has never laid an egg for the two of them to incubate, Rocky continues to hope. 

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phonelady said...

Yep they seem to really love those boxes . I too am glad i have two male birds .