Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mirror images

Pretty much every day the greys mimic each other, bringing us great joy.  If one is getting head pets, the other decides that she must get them as well, even though she'd been perfectly content seconds earlier.  Such must be the life of a flock member.
Almost every weekday morning, Thomas leaves for work over an hour before I do.  When he's going out to door to our attached garage, Stella flies over, lands on top of the fridge (she's not allowed there but it's close to the door he's exiting) and then makes sad noises until I put her on her stand with a nut to distract her from Thomas's departure.  Max, though she loves him, is pretty unfazed by him leaving.

Yesterday, he needed my help to find something in his car, so I went out with him.  When I reentered the house, this is the scene that met me:
Both greys on the fridge!  They were removed to appropriate perches and then we continued our morning activities.


phonelady said...

Oh yeah I can see that look . It is sort of like saying "hey mom where did you go ?" we dont like being alone LOL !!!

Mary said...

They are very nosy :)

shannon said...

I mean, really, can you get any cuter or more endearing?