Saturday, June 25, 2011

Brian bathes (again)

I know I've posted similar videos before, but sometimes I can't control myself when it comes to Brian.  He was showing interest in Thomas's glass and since it was water and not Gatorade this time, he allowed Brian a peek, which quickly turned into a bath:


phonelady said...

What a cutie he is .

belovedparrot said...

That bird is spoiling you two!

Wazeau said...

The more videos the merrier! Watching Brian makes me miss my budgies. I used to put a shallow dish with water and some leafy lettuce in it, and they would have such a great time getting water all over. Budgies are small but have huge characters, don't they!

Mary said...

Thanks, everyone. Brian is absolutely fantastic.

Wazeau -- I just can't say enough good things about budgies. I really missed not having any, and Brian is reinforcing that I'll always want to share my home with at least one. I just don't know how to reconcile that desire with the need to keep the budgie safe due to the larger parrots.