Thursday, June 2, 2011

A case of mistaken self-identity

Over the years, I've marveled at how parrots love routine.  It's also interesting to me how things can quickly become routine.  Here's a new one in our house.  Since it's nice out, we like to open the windows in the morning, when we get back from running.  In order to do so, we have to let Rocky out of his cage.

Winter routine is that all of the parrots (except Brian) stay in their cages post-run as we unwind a bit, spend time with Brian, and read the paper in peace.  When it's time to shower, Brian goes in his cage and the greys come out to shower.  After the shower, everyone comes out for an hour or so before work.

This is not feasible in the summer, as Rocky will occasionally scream when he's in his cage, but is far less likely to do so if he's walking around the house.  In order to have our windows open while maintaining neighborly harmony, he gets a little extra freedom now.

With Brian safely on the table, Rocky has developed a new routine of pretending he's a budgie.

He climbs into Brian's cage and hangs out under the paper cage liner.

Then, he goes over for a snack (which can't possibly be filling).
When he's bored of this, he walks into the living room and hangs out in my spot on the couch.

Sometimes he also likes to pretend he's a caique.  He'll let Beeps out of his cage.  Then, after Beeps exits, Rocky climbs inside through the food door and plays with Beeps's toys (almost all of which are duplicated in Rocky's own cage.)


phonelady said...

Yes my quakers love to go into each others cage and I imagine it is to see if one is being treated to some other type of food , LOL !!! As if !! LOL :)!!!

Shannon said...

What a nut that Rocky is! Very cute.