Friday, June 17, 2011

Covered in greys

Last night Thomas was sitting at the kitchen table when Max flew to his head and started roughly preening his head.  Stella, of course, had to then fly over; Max became more gentle once her rival was in the area.

If you look closely at this dark picture, you can see Max's foot holding a bunch of Thomas's hair:
Of course, this led to Thomas's usual refrain to the greys: "Get a hobby!"


phonelady said...

oh I love it get a hobby , LOL .. I so want to scream at my birds too . but I dont know if get a hobby would cover it LOL !!!

Mary said...

I always tell him that he is their hobby :)

Wazeau said...

My bronze-wing loves yanking at my hair too. I tell him I've already lost enough, go preen your own feathers! I'm not a chew-toy!