Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Max and Beeps are the two parrots in our house (anthropomorphism alert!) that are enemies.  I blame Max for this, as she has picked on him from the beginning.  Even though she is fine with Calypso, there is something about Beeps she doesn't like.  She chases him around, buzzes him, and they engage in weird games together that I'm not sure are innocent.

As such, I supervise very closely always, lest one of them seriously hurt the other.

Earlier this week, Beeps was on my arm as I was doing the sudoku puzzle in the paper.  Max had been content on her stand, but as soon as Beeps jumped up on the table to run around, Max had to as well.  Probably because I was there and they knew it was futile to fight, they stayed about a paper's length away from each other; however they were mirroring each other; ripping up paper at the same time, then marching around, etc.

This scene is surely not as peaceful as the one from last week.

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phonelady said...

Yep I used to have a cockatoo that was jealous of one of the other bigger birds and I decided she would be happier else where because I had the other bird longer she needed to be re homed . I could no longer trust that she would not hurt my military macaw . All in all the house was robbed and they got all my birds but my eldest quaker and I think he went and hid and that is why they did not get him . I so miss my other birds .