Monday, July 9, 2007

Clementines! We also bought a box of Darlin' Clementines from Trader Joe's. They are so delicious! The peel comes right off, and there are no seeds! The parrots all know what's in the box, so they get very excited when we go to that area of the kitchen.

Here are some pictures of the caiques eating their clementines. Calypso if the fluffier one and Beeps is the wetter one.

And of course, a couple of videos! Max and Calypso eating their clementines.

I hardly have any videos of Calypso because he often freaks out when I get the camera near him. However, he also freaks out while eating his first clementine of the day, so I thought I'd capture his freak out! He does this squeal when he gets very excited about things: beloved foods, warm foods, cold foods, baths, etc. It sounds like he's in distress, but he also does it when he's happy.

I should mention that the music in the background is by the band Bowling for Soup. This is Beeps's favorite band. The other parrots also enjoy their music, but Beeps LOVES them. They were in town a few weeks ago and we contemplated smuggling him in to their concert, but then just decided to listen to their CDs instead.

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