Monday, July 9, 2007

Rocky's still nesting! I think I've been discussing this a lot because it fascinates me. None of my parrots have been big nest-builders before Rocky, and his determination amazes me.

Here is a picture of him in the beginning stages of building his nest. Note that he has his 2 special towels near him and has begun to rip up the newspaper that we lay on the ground to protect our floors from their poop:

This is what is looks like under his cage after about 3 days of making his nest. I usually let him build for a few days, then I sweep up and he starts over again. Those towels are still in there! He has to be locked in his cage when I sweep up his nest and as soon as he is out, he starts shredding fresh newspaper and wood pieces. I have a few videos I'll add in another post.

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