Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So we've been trying to eat healthier, which means we've been blending and juicing. The parrots love the new concoctions! Here is Daphne, supervising the blending. I think Thomas was making almond milk out of almonds and water! He must have eaten it on his cereal this morning since the container was half empty, but I haven't heard how it tasted yet.

Most parrots will eagerly drink out of glasses, but not Rocky! When you put a glass near him, he tips up the lip of the cup and refuses to drink what's inside -- unless you hold him like he is below in the picture! And don't worry, it may look like we're feeding him chocolate, but it's really a blender drink made from greens (turnip, collard, etc.), strawberries, and a few cashews. I also made a video of this because Rocky is so funny when he drinks!

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