Thursday, July 19, 2007


Our parrots are not allowed to eat them, but I like to have some occasionally. A few months ago I was eating some when I ran across a pear-flavored one. I really do not like pear jellybeans, even though I do like to eat actual pears. I threw it in the garbage, but I missed. Max immediately flew over there, picked it up, then flew back to her playstand!

Since it had been years since she had had one, I let her eat it. They're not fatal to birds or anything; it's just unhealthy. She was so happy! In the first picture, you can see that she is exclusively focusing on her treat. In the second one, she is watching me to see if I'm going to try to take it away from her. And in the third one, she is taking a break from eating, confident I'll let her keep it.

Of course, I was very careful about making sure that all of the pear jellybeans made their way entirely into the garbage next time!

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