Thursday, July 12, 2007

I don't think I've yet mentioned our lizards. Towards the end of Spring, a local pet store was going out of business. They sold parrots, so we'd occasionally go down there and check to make sure that things looked ok. We wandered over to the lizard section and saw these 2 uromastyx lizards stuffed into a tiny tank with improper light (no UVB), food (they are primarily herbavores but the cage was full of crickets), and other problems. We tried to get this out of our minds, but we kept thinking of them. They were older, and most people who purchase pets want young babies.

Thomas went down to the pet store on the last day they were in business, and these uros were still there. We didn't know what would happen to them, and with the fear that they might just be let outside or killed, we purchased them. Here they are in their temporary enclosure:

We got them in for a vet visit the next day, and they were pronounced to be in surprisingly decent health. The male had healed wounds on his tail and body, most likely from being kept with other reptiles (these guys are solitary). He had a toe that was necrotic, so our vet removed the toe and put in a stitch, requiring antibiotics for a few weeks.

They both pulled through and are doing amazingly well!

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