Friday, July 6, 2007

Max needs to recharge her batteries

Aah! I can't believe it's been a month since my last post. Now that I've gotten through all of the history, I can start doing funny day-to-day stuff that comes to mind. And I'll try to post more frequently.

A few weeks ago, I returned from my morning run, parched. I poured myself a glass of Gatorade and drank most of it. Then I woke up the birds and showered with Max and the caiques. As per my usual routine, I brought one of the birds upstairs with me as I got dressed and left the rest downstairs for a few minutes on their stands.

I came downstairs to find this! Poor Max was so thirsty, she had to drink my Gatorade! Nevermind her fresh bowl of water in her cage. You can see that her back is still wet from the shower.

Max is so inquisitive; she always keeps us on our toes. She has knocked over plastic glasses that were not strong enough to carry her weight, so I'm glad this at least was a glass!

Sometimes Thomas and I joke that it might be nice to have one of those greys that it afraid of everything. But we are only kidding as we love our adventurous girl who keeps us entertained with her new escapades!

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