Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Last night Rocky was in a bad mood because Thomas wasn't home. That little macaw can be so loud when he's angry!

Here is a video of Max. For those of you who can't watch youtube videos, here is a short description (the video is only 7 seconds long). It starts with Rocky screaming in another room, and Max asks, "Gimme a kiss!" I make the kiss sound, she makes the kiss sound. Then, I ask her for a kiss and she makes a fart sound!

Here is a video of Rocky just prior to bedtime. He was already in his cage. He started saying "Bye bye!" to try to get me to leave, and then he aggressively attacked his toys. I really think this is funny because he usually looks right at me as he's attacking his toys, or right after. I imagine that he imagines it's me he's attacking and not the toy! I stopped taping 3 seconds too early because right after the video, he then bit his leg, which means he's really angry!

As a side note, blogger has a service in draft where I can link videos directly from my computer, so soon I won't have to go through youtube anymore!

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