Monday, July 9, 2007

I finally uploaded my videos of the past weekend to youtube, so here are a few funny ones revolving around Rocky and his nest.

He spends a lot of time under his cage. When I call him, he'll come to the front and look at me, but then goes back under. Here is one sure-fire way to get him to come out: mess with his towels. A few months ago, we realized how important the towels were to him. We were eating dinner in the living room and I had grabbed one of Rocky's towels to use as a barrier between my legs and a hot bowl of soup. He did not stop screaming during our entire dinner. When I was done eating, I threw his towel on the ground, and he RAN to it -- we then understood why he'd been screaming!

And what does he do with these towels? The video below shows what he spends most of his time doing with them. He also likes to bring them to different areas of the room and then play with the towels some more.

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