Friday, July 6, 2007


Rocky has been extremely nestly lately. A few months ago, he started building a nest for him and Thomas in our newspaper recycling bag. He must have gotten upset with the fact that we would then recycle the newspapers and he'd have to start over, as he then built them a nest under our kitchen table. Being the good sport that he is, Thomas would occasionally join Rocky under the table, delighting this little macaw.

A few months ago, we bought Rocky a larger cage. He doesn't really use the interior space, but he loved the fact that this new cage went almost down to the ground, and decided to build his nest there. Can you see him below? I really did sweep very well about 10 minutes before this picture was taken!

This is what he did with a 2X4 slat in about 10 minutes. Most of this chipping was done with the 2X4 resting on Thomas's feet!

Here is a video of Rocky emerging from his nest. That's him laughing in the background. He often goes into his nest and makes strange noises, including laughing like a maniac. You'll notice I had to cut the video off abruptly -- he noticed me on the ground and decided this would be a great time to pounce!

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