Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Here are the last members of out pet family, our fish tank. We had fish at our old house, but didn't set up an aquarium after we moved. We did miss the peacefulness of fish, but what really motivated us to set up a tank was Max. She started biting off her feathers, which is sometimes a sign of low humidity. We also thought it would give her something to look at while we were gone. We added a fish tank partly for our enjoyment, but more for Max.

Of course, as what happens frequently, Max continued to bite off her feathers until we purchased a humidifier for the living room, and she shows absolutely no interest in the fish. Calypso likes to watch the fish, and his cage is next to the tank. He is especially interested in watching us feed the fish. Thomas will take Rocky up to look at the tank, but Rocky just pretends to eat the snails and fish. Beeps and Daphne show no interest. Max does like to fly to the top of the aquarium and land on the lights. We think she might like the warmth on her feet.

We've had the tank up and running for about 18 months as I write this. We've had our ups and downs. We still have some of the original fish we bought for the tank after it was done cycling. However, we suffered substantial fish loss after a purchase last November of some rams that introduced ick into our tank.

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