Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Close-up: Beeps

Beeps continues to be hormonal, and the camera is one of his triggers, so I didn't take pictures of Thomas taking pictures of him as I wanted to be on the lookout for an attack.
But he continued his photogenic ways. This hormonal season seems to be dragging on for him -- poor guy!


Elphie said...

Beeps is adorable! My caique is the other kind with an orange head. When I used to see the black capped ones all I could think of was that they looked like pirates. But now that I've seen so many pictures of Beeps and Calypso, I can finally appreciate their cuteness without thinking of them as little pirates :)
I'm looking forward the rest of the flock's close-ups.

Luckybird said...

I just read a thread on FB where a bunch of people who have caiques, male and female, were talking about how crazy their birds are from hormones right now. Interestingly, the consensus was that more females than males were affected. All that were talked about had instant Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.

Mary said...

Elphie -- they seem to act like pirates, so your first impression is not entirely off :)

LB -- I have heard that the females are more unpredictable than the males; I have no first-hand knowledge of this since mine are both males and they are rare at my rescue (I have adopted the only two that have come through.)

Calypso does not seem to be affected, but Beeps is, very much so. He has the Jeckyll & Hyde reaction, especially with Thomas (along with his triggers, of course.)

Based on past years, this should pass soon. I can't wait!