Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A bit of nesting

The picture's a bit dark, but Rocky was doing strange nesting behavior with Thomas's shoes last night:Of course, as soon as he perceived I was watching him, he perked up and needed attention RIGHT NOW!!!
He ran over and started jumping up and down in front of us (this would have been more effectively illustrated with a video instead of still pictures!)
Finally, Thomas put his leg on the floor, which allowed Rocky to use it as a ramp to get to his favorite person:Thomas frequently carries Rocky around like this:Personally, I'm a big fan as then I know there won't be any surprise attacks. He's the only one of our parrots who likes being carried like this! He's perfectly palm-sized.


Elizabeth said...

Do your birds ever try to mate with the shoes? My youngest cockatiel kept trying to mate with my hand for awhile but he seems to have given up since I always stop him.

Sam said...

Wonderful! If he likes it then why not?! Talking of bird behaviour, do you know if any of your birds get "warm feet" at certain times? My budgie does this quite often, usually at pleasant times like when I am feeding her a bit of orange or if she is having a tickle?