Monday, February 7, 2011

Close-up: Brian

As a follow-up to yesterday's video, here are some of the still shots of Brian's photo session. He was a little unsure at first:But quickly warmed up to the camera:
Another angle:
The result (I had a hard time not posting all 20 or so of the pictures; he's very photogenic!):
Yesterday, he was on my shoulder as we were eating dinner and watching The Larry Sanders Show. He was chirping so loudly, I finally turned to him and nicely asked, "Could you keep it down a bit?" He responded by making a fart sound. How does he have such great timing?

Later, he started chattering and talking instead of just chirping, and I heard, "Give me a shot and a beer!" "Whatcha doing?" and "Gotta go bye bye!" Of course, the latter is now what I say to him when leaving.

I still can't believe how wonderful he is and that there is someone out there who no longer wanted him. Jackpot for us, I guess!


RainyGrlJenny said...

He's so very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

If you do post 200 pictures of Brian I, for one, would not mind. He is adorable!