Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It's kind of hard (but not impossible) to take a picture of the budgie on your shoulder!He was talking a lot again last night. I'm pretty sure I heard him working on "Gimme a kiss" followed by kiss sounds (he hears the greys saying that frequently) as well as "Hello Brian!"

Then he preened my face a lot and made me happier than ever we adopted him not quite two months ago.


Michelle said...

What a little charmer! How blessed are you to have this little man in your life.

Sam said...

They are the best aren't they? Brian is such a sweetie! My bird Monts is the most endearing bird too, she is a grey spangle and soooo pretty - problem is...I think she knows it!

D. Richard said...

I get to take partial credit for you adopting him > big grin <