Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brian sneaks a bit of food

Parrots really shouldn't eat much dairy. We try to be extra strict with Brian's diet since 1) he is so small and 2) he has a tumor and we want him around as long as possible.

I probably should have removed him as soon as I noticed this instead of taking a picture, but he is so adorable!He'd climbed on Thomas's cottage cheese bowl while Thomas's attention was directed elsewhere (i.e. reading the paper) and started helping himself! We don't think he ingested much.


Sam said...

God how I love Brian ;) he is just so charming! What a little character you have there :-D

Mary said...

I know -- we are so lucky to have adopted him. We've only had him 2 months but it seems like 10 years for the way he trusts us already. Absolutely amazing.