Sunday, February 6, 2011

Basil speaks for the camera

This evening after work, Basil was in a very talkative mood. I suspect some of this had to do with Beeps flying over to Basil's cage, which you will see below. I love it when he talks because he didn't say anything for the first month or so he was with us, so I take it as a sign that he's feeling more comfortable with us.
I was in the doorway, taking video of Basil, when Rocky had to get as close to me as possible to see what was going on. He is so nosy!As you can see, Basil really doesn't like it when Beeps flies to his cage. So far, Beeps has respected Basil's body language and flown away before any confrontation, but we're not taking chances and the two of them are no longer allowed out unsupervised.

Another one of Basil talking, with a quick glimpse of Rocky creeping me out:


Elizabeth said...

I love it when Amazons make that trill noise and flash their eyes. Basil is a very happy bird.

Beloved Parrot said...

Are Basil's parents recovering from their medical experiences? Will you have to return Basil to them very soon? Does he seem to miss them?

Mary said...

BP -- I didn't want to get into too many details on the main blog, but it's actually his owners' adult son who is having the health problems. There have been some set-backs, so it looks like he will be with us longer than originally anticipated. At first, we were thinking 6-8 weeks; he's already been with us for over 8 weeks (I think) and it will probably be a few more months. We're hoping to get him home ASAP!

I can't tell how much he misses them, but I do know he loved them very much and will be happy to see them again!

I think he's relatively happy with us, though Beeps likes to irritate him which I'm sure is extra unpleasant since he's used to being an only bird!