Friday, February 4, 2011

Bread and circuses

Thomas has once again been bit by the baking bug. He's trying to perfect a baguette-like loaf. He got closer with this attempt, though it was a little too crusty for my liking. Delicious when dipped in soup, but a little tough otherwise!

After it had just come out of the oven, he cut a few pieces for us to try. Brian has decided that he needs to taste everything that's on one of our plates, so he approached:And then got a little closer:
Finally trying some crumbs:
Later, after Brian was safely in his cage, the other birds were let out and they had some bread as well. I just loved this picture of Beeps; his face reminds me of a fashion model. He is also so nonchalant holding his bread!
But don't let that fool you, as he ate it!
I just can't believe that another weekend is upon us! Having a snow day in the middle of the week really helped things to fly along. Thomas is on call this weekend, so hopefully he doesn't get called in to work and can just handle things over the phone.

We will also have a Superbowl party with the parrots. With their coloring, my guess is Rocky and Basil will be rooting for the Packers. The caiques are wildcards; having both black and gold AND green and gold feathers. The greys will probably lose interest and hang out in the kitchen.

We're also hoping to get up to the rescue so Thomas can do some grooming. And, speaking of the rescue, here is my latest love:
We have no history on her, but given her condition, the vet suspects she's at least 30 years old. Of course, she could be younger with bad care taking its toll on her. We'll never know. She is incredibly charming! She has special needs and may need to be on some low-dose painkillers for the rest of her life due to arthritis and an improperly-healed injury. I'm hoping we find a fantastic home for her where she can live out her life.

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