Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Close-up: Max

The pictures I took of Max are of rather poor quality due to the back-lighting, but of course I had to post anyway!

Her main theme is "Stop taking my picture and pick me up!"
Though she was also interested in eating the camera:Here's what that last one looks like from the other side:Come on, pick me up!:I'm probably just ridiculous, but there is wisdom in her eyes:


parrotcomforts said...

Hiya, I've been reading your blog for awhile now, it is brilliant!. Max is gorgeous, he looks pretty much exactly like my TAG Digby. I can certainly see what you mean about the wisdom in those eyes. Sometimes I look in my little dude's eyes and he reminds me some sort of prehistoric animal with millions of evolutionary wisdom in his eyes :))

Michelle said...

You are so right, Max does look very wise and smart too. She sure is a ham! I think she is so beautiful. I love seeing photo's of her because my Timneh is a feather plucker and I like to imagine what he would look like full feathered.

Luckybird said...

I can see the wheels and cogs turning behind those crafty little eyes. You could caption those pix and make a bundle on greeting cards & posters :)

Greys have such expressive faces they amaze me.
An on-line friend says her macaw blushes. Does Rocky blush?

Mary said...

parrotcomforts -- thanks for the nice message! I also stare at my guys for a long time and amazed at how they've evolved. They probably think I'm weird :)

Michelle -- Max plucks, too. She bit off most of her chest feathers during my business trip to Boston. I still think Timothy is gorgeous! It's amazing how you begin to overlook feathers (or lack thereof) to see the inner beauty once you know their stellar personalities!

Luckybird -- Rocky does blush occasionally -- usually only a couple of times a year. Especially when we've been gone and come back, or if he's really excited to see us. In my experience, the B&Gs tend to blush way more than the severes, if the macaws at the rescue are my guide!

I wrote a little about the B&Gs blushing here, but I never took any pics! I will try to get some for you!


Say hi to lucky from all of us!

Elphie said...

Hi Mary,
I love the photo of Max's beak right in front of the camera. Hilarious.
On other posts you have written about how you wrap pellets in paper and hide them in the bird's cages. I gave it a try and failed LOL.
I started by wrapping Nutriberries in paper for my caique. I started with hardly any paper because he wasn't exactly catching on, but we got to a point where I could wrap up a Nutriberry pretty well and he would tear into it. It also works with dried fruit and nuts.
Today I thought I'd try wrapping his pellets. I wrapped about 8 of them and put them in his food bowl with his unwrapped pellets.
He picked up a wrapped pellet, realized what is was, and promptly dropped it to the bottom of his cage! This went on until he ran out of wrapped pellets! Apparently I have some work to do :)