Monday, February 21, 2011

Brian mugs for the camera

It is incredibly hard to get pictures of Brian in action. As soon as he sees the camera, he runs over and approaches it! For instance, he had been perching on the fold of the newspaper while I was reading it. I grabbed the camera, and got this:And this:
This does not seem to apply where breakfast toast is involved. The progressions went from him having one foot on the table and one on the plate:
To completely perching on the toast:
He's got a toast-beak:


Sam said...

Adorable! Have been trying to find a budgie-related blog and you is the first (up-to-date) one I have found! Love Brian, cheeky little fellow aint he?! :)

Mary said...

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the note! I love budgies! It's not exclusively a budgie blog, but I try to write about Brian frequently since he is quite amazing.

These little guys are so frequently undervalued, which is a real shame.

Welcome :)

Michelle said...

Brian is just unbelievably adorable! I had a keet just like him years ago. His name was Winkie. He lived to be 22yrs old. In fact, all my parakeets lived well into their twenties, with one being 27yrs old when she passed. They are delightful birds.

Shannon said...

That little guy is amazingly personable. The way he looks at you right in the eye with an inquiring stance is so human! What a treasure you have in him.