Saturday, February 19, 2011

First night back

Last night, Max and Stella would not let us out of their sight. Here they were, supervising Thomas's unpacking:Things quickly got back to normal when we made ourselves dinner. Max ran over to help herself:


Beloved Parrot said...

It must drive them crazy -- one day everything is normal, the next y'all are gone!

In the wild that means you're dead and never, ever coming back. Maybe in a few days they slowly start to realize you're not ever coming back -- having disappeared and all.

Then -- voila! You open the door and stand there -- back from the dead!

I wish there was some way to help them understand the concept of human vacation. Of course, when I'm gone I call my birds every day so they don't get a chance to miss me (ha! I call for MY feelings). ;-)

The Homeless Parrot said...

I'm curious about your bird cage cleaning routine...could you tell me about it? Your cages always look well-kept, as do your gyms. I cannot say the same about do you have the time??