Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Apple cohesiveness

Thomas and I both had a snow day from work today. I tried to take one yesterday as well, but got talked into coming in, though just for a few hours. The parrots really enjoyed having us around more, of course.

This morning, we'd handed out pieces of apple to everyone. Rocky, Beeps, and Stella peacefully ate on the same stand. Max doesn't like apple, so I gave her a spoon with some peanut butter on it so she wasn't harassing the other parrots.Basil and Calypso ate theirs on their cages. I need to get some pictures of Basil eating -- he's so dainty.

Unfortunately, this peaceful scene lasted less than a minute until they'd finished their apples and found havoc to wreak.


Elphie said...

My flock loves apple too...and I love the temporary silence while they munch.

Where is that round blue toy on the stand from? It looks like fun for my caique.

Mary said...

Elphie -- I got the toy from the rescue where I volunteer (they have a small retail store where all of the proceeds go to support the rescue.) I'm not sure of the manufacturer but will ask around and see if I can figure out where to get it! It's actually three balls that all hang down.

Elphie said...

Hi Mary,
Thank you for your reply. Don't go to any trouble finding out who manufacturers the toy. I only asked because I assumed you already knew. Thanks.