Sunday, February 20, 2011


Beeps was helping Rocky play yesterday. Beeps does not like to leave cage tray paper alone; he likes to throw it on the ground. Rocky likes to cover himself in newspaper and walk around the house. Like a ghost. I still know when he's coming, if his intention is to hide from me!Closer look at the ghost:Beeps was so proud of his de-papering of the tray that he played in a goofy manner:Spinning around the vertical bars:
Hanging from the grate, playing with a toy:Having pulled the toy down further, he was able to lie on his back on the tray and play with the toy:Undoing himself from that position:
When Beeps is in a playful mood, there is little that is more entertaining. I must have watched him do this for over 30 minutes.


Beloved Parrot said...

That's one of the reasons I love caiques -- everything's about play, which us humans would do well to emulate.

Mary said...

Play is the most important thing for my guys, though for Beeps, finding new things that cause him to attack us might be a close second :)

Luckybird said...

Both very cute. Maybe Rocky should dress up as a ghost for halloween this year :)
Seeing Beeps play like that is way cute. They have no inhibition.
Funny, caiques look so little in pics.

Mary said...

LB -- I will have him do that and post it! We have a bird at the rescue right now who makes ghost sounds. It is really eerie, especially when I can really get her going. So funny! I need to teach her to walk around with newspaper on her head to get the entire picture! Or teach Rocky to make ghost sounds.

IMO, caiques are about the perfect size -- they fit so nicely in your hand! (Along with some poicephalus.) I don't think I'd want Beeps's personality in a much bigger bird -- not sure I could handle that!

Wazeau said...

There is nothing more entertaining then a happy parrot! Thanks sharing your birds with us.