Friday, September 16, 2011

Basil plays with a toy!

To say that Basil doesn't really play with toys is an understatement.  I have tried so many different ones, but he has little interest.  However, he might be picking up on play a bit as we saw him playing with a ball on top of his cage!
Thomas called me into the room saying "Bring your camera, you won't believe what you see!" and he was right.

I'm not giving up, before long I hope I have a toy-destroyer on my hands.  Small progress.


phonelady said...

wow yeah always a surprise when they start playing with toys when you have never seen them do so before .

D. Richard said...

What if I may ask is the status of , Basil, Thought he would be home by now or do I not remember the proper dates ?
I am no spring chicken myselfand I am a little worried about what to do with my flock in any event . I was wondering after you sent a review of RIO . what do you think of my leaving money to have my flock released in their respective lands at least for the conures and lovebirds . Australia does not want the cockatiels back and the same with the quaker, Both considered agricultural pests . But do you have any thoughts ?

I dont have family or friends that would want them , Any of them

Beloved Parrot said...

Good bird!!!