Friday, September 16, 2011

Brian, ad nasueum

This risks to turn into a Brian blog, but it really can't be helped much as he has captured my heart!

He's been improving his flight skills by leaps and bounds, which is generally a good thing.  After a run, Thomas was making breakfast, and Brian had been waiting on the table, waiting for his toast.  Until he decided he'd rather be elsewhere:

Back to the table, he started begging for attention again:
This is one of his favorite things to do -- he loves being beak to nose with Thomas and with me:
Of course, it's pretty impossible to read the paper this way!


wildbird228 said...

"Little Brian" - Such a dear and "special" little guy! Truly one in a million who resides at your place. Keep those sweet pics (and videos) coming to us.

Love ya, "Little B"!

phonelady said...

gotta love the little brian .

Anonymous said...

Much as I love hearing about your bigger birds I adore photos and stories about Brian. He is such a special little character.