Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blog placeholder: Brian

I have been extremely busy with volunteer obligations over the past week or so.  Luckily, much of this work will be completed during the next 10 days, and then I can return to my regularly-scheduled life!  What this means is that, though we are still spending time with the parrots, I have been too mentally (and occasionally physically) exhausted to take many pictures of them.

This morning, I realized that I would go two business days in a row without an entry if I didn't post one for today, so I grabbed the camera and relied on my old stand-by: Brian.

As you can see, he is as happy as ever, and coming up on our 9 month anniversary (!) together.
If it's even possible, we've been seeing more of his personality come out as his flight skills have improved.  Sometimes he'll do a few laps around the kitchen before he decides where he wants to land.  Or he'll hover above a certain spot before deciding to touch down.  Of course it always puts a smile on our faces when he chooses to fly to one of our shoulders.
Earlier in the blog, I have briefly mentioned a tumor budgie we had, Ethel.  She was fabulous, just like Brian, but this was before the blog, and before we had a digital camera, so I didn't have many stories/pictures to share about her.

It always made me sad that I couldn't share her with everyone, as there is a common misconception that budgies are starter birds with little personality, and that has been so far from the truth in my experience.  I am so happy that little Brian is here, helping to chip away at budgie stereotypes.


Michelle said...

I never get enough of seeing Brian's sweet face. I am currently bird sitting my neighbors two budgies. I was sure they would be bland and boring compared to my grey, conure and cockatiel. Oh, how wrong I was! They are adorable and have captured my heart to the point that I am ready to go out and add a budgie to my flock.

phonelady said...

Oh my budgies can be fun . I babysat some two wks ago myself and they are all totally different . These two were so quiet compared to a set I used to have . I would go out and get one but the husband would crap his pants and I did promise no more birds until we get a house with a screen porch . I will keep my promise for two yrs after that all bets are off .