Monday, September 26, 2011

Rocky forages, too

Most of my foraging-for-people-food posts tend to involve one or (usually) both greys. But they're not the only ones who do it.

Over the weekend, I had brought my burrito in to the living room and set it on the air purifier. I then had to leave the room to get something else (probably little Brian).

This is what I returned to find:

Rocky, eating at the cheese buffet. Of course, not particularly healthy (he wasn't eating the eggplant, only the cheese!) so he was removed once I took this picture.


phonelady said...

Oh no mine wont touch dairy and Im glad they dont , not particularly good for birds dairy I mean . take care and have a wonderful day .

Mary said...

Yes -- we do try to limit cheese, which is nearly impossible since Max and Rocky appear to have cheese-magnets implanted in them.

Maybe that's a sign for Thomas and I to cut down on our own cheese consumption?

Ryan said...

Agreed dairy is not too good for the birds. My African Grey is now dairy free after a couple of months of gradually reducing from diet :)

Good luck