Friday, September 16, 2011

Poor Calypso

Poor Calypso; once again, his hormones have overtaken him.  He has jumped Beeps a few times, and earlier this week, he jumped Basil, who weighs about three times as much as Calypso!  Luckily we were right there to break things up before any damage occurred.
We've temporarily moved his cage into the kitchen so that he doesn't have to constantly see Beeps and Basil.  This seems to be helping, though Thomas noted that Calypso might put on some weight in here as he insists on getting a bite of everything we prepare.

As always, we're hoping hormonal season passes quickly.  All he wants to do is be on me and fight the other parrots.  It's hard to strike the balance -- he needs attention, but I don't want to get him too worked up, either.

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phonelady said...

oh yeah dealing with the hormones is not easy . so know the feeling .