Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I was just speaking with a friend at lunch about the strange flock dynamic my greys have.  I still don't have their relationship figured out.  Sometimes it seems as though they want to be friendly, but then one will buzz the other.  Regardless of their intent, they are very aware of where the other grey is and what she is doing.

Taking turns keeping an eye on each other:

Later, one of them went to the floor, so the other followed:


Suzanne said...

I have the same thing going on with my Amazons. They are always watching one another, making sure they know where the other is at all times. Though one gets very upset and nippy if they can see the other one.

I am not quite sure what the deal is yet.

phonelady said...

I dont think mine do that , they like to watch the dog moreso than each other .