Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weekend hiking pictures

We went hiking/birding over the long weekend; mostly hiking as we were a bit out of practice with the binoculars.  This black-capped chickadee was posing in the most adorable ways; however, by the time I thought to get my camera out, he'd taken flight.
We stumbled upon a little ground squirrel, whose tail fit perfectly against her back as she was eating:
So beautiful and green!  Thomas is a little orange blur in the middle of the picture:
In the spring, we'd sat here and watched a hummingbird build a nest.  This time, we didn't see any birds, but it was still peaceful and nice:
A dragonfly resting on a post:
From this distance, Thomas noticed something so he grabbed his binoculars.
Two deer, resting in the field!
We turned around so not to disturb them.  So, not a productive birding day -- I think we only saw something like 15 species -- but it was great to be out in the cooler weather and hiking again.  Looking forward to doing this more often in the upcoming fall weeks.

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phonelady said...

Yep Im waiting for the deer and bear sightings . someone was telling me that some bear hang around here during the early fall and then in spring you see them .