Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Rocky nesting

This is one of my favorite things that Rocky does, but I have a hard time getting a good picture of it!  My camera is not powerful enough to take a good picture from far away (hence the evil glint in Rocky's eye), and if I get too close, he just comes out to threaten me.  He only does this for a portion of the year, so I have to enjoy it while I can.
At night, Thomas sweeps the floor really well.  As soon as Rocky sees the broom, he runs down and hides under his cage.  He then sings and laughs during the sweeping.  As soon as the sweeping is done, he climbs into his cage and starts saying "Bye Bye!"

This next picture I took this morning.  Rocky's been screaming pretty much non-stop, unless he has a box to chew.  I gave him a new box this morning so I could get ready for work in peace.  As you can see, he chewed an entrance hole in the bottom left of the box.

When I found him, he was inside the box and stuck his head out to look at me; however, when he saw me, he had to run over to threaten me, which is what he's doing here.  Once I left him alone, he went back to his box.

By the time I left for work, he'd chewed through the entire front of the box.  I'm sure it will be gone when I get home from work.
He's such a good nest-builder and very conscientious of Thomas and of his eggs.  I bet he would have been a great macaw parent.  It just breaks my heart that he's in my living room instead of the wild.


phonelady said...

Yes it is a shame that all birds cannot live in the wild anymore . Man must have the wild for more concrete jungles bah No we dont need more concrete jungles we need more wild birds .

D. Richard said...

I dont look at it that way,
If I were to release my birds into the wild and they were even in a protected area from man . They would have to deal with disease drought predators , Even their own kind when things are well will fight for position on the pecking order.
I will give Hollywood , or Angle or Giggles etc., etc. Any thing they need and even when they dont want for anything , I will offer them things just to see if they are interested . It is never to hot or to cold . If they do happen to lay eggs , nothing is going to come along and eat them . I offer them the sounds of the rain forest on my iPod while I am gone . Once well trained they are offered a chance to fly outside . I do feel sorry only for those captive birds that have caretakers that neither care about or for their birds .
Also be assured that you got yours from far rougher living conditions than they have now .
Note ; even if you had children , they would want things that they cannot have .
The next time you look an any of your flock standing on one foot ,,, Relaxed ,,,and content ,, Ponder what that really means .
My flock have the whole apartment to fly around in and explore but when I am home ,,, they are all on me . Thats their choice .. Now if I could only potty train Angle