Sunday, September 4, 2011

New birdbath record!

When I came home from work Friday afternoon, I heard tons of birds singing in my trees.  I was going to call Thomas to tell him to come outside, but before I left work he told me he had to call a patient, so I figured he was busy.  Good thing I got inside quickly so I could see all of the birdbath action!

After taking my pictures, I mentioned the bird extravaganza to Thomas, and he was excited because he thought he'd taken the new birdbath record, with 5:
And then he saw, on the screen, what I had been able to capture.

First, 7:
Then, 9:
Then, 11:
And, finally, 13!!!!!:
I'm pretty sure it will never be possible to break that record, unless we get a bigger birdbath!

There was a mix of grackles and sparrows, and it was so fun to watch!  Here, a sparrow lands, as the grackles are fixated on something above:
The grackles are in the midst of molting, so it was interesting to look at them through the binoculars and see the various stages they were in.  Looking forward to birding during the upcoming fall migration!

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