Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I had these pictures on the other camera, so didn't write about them in yesterday's post.  As I've mentioned before, Rocky is very particular about Thomas's clothes.  He prefers Thomas to wear blue scrub pants, a white T-shirt and, if it's necessary, a housecoat.  Any deviation from this uniform provokes threatening behavior from Rocky and, occasionally, attacks.

I suspect this has something to do with the fact that Thomas only wears that uniform when he's hanging out at home, so Rocky knows when he's dressed differently, he's leaving, which means Rocky has to go in his cage.

Saturday, before leaving for our run, the parrots were all out.  We were dressed in our running clothes, so as Thomas turned his back on him, Rocky jumped him and bit him on the arm.  He then ran away and I put him in his cage so he couldn't inflict further damage.  Meanwhile, both greys flew to the floor to comfort Thomas (who had been curled up on the floor in a blatent attempt to elicit sympathy from me.)  He'd stood up by the time I returned with the camera and was thanking the greys for their concern:
They continued to follow him around as he put on his shoes and got ready to run.  Thomas thinks they were comforting him after his bite, but I think they just didn't want him to leave!
Later, Thomas had a bunch of cabbage on our counter as he was going to make sauerkraut.  Stella immediately flew over and started gently peeling back the layers.  It was fascinating, but we didn't want her to waste too much food, so we removed her soon after taking this picture:

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phonelady said...

Awe what sweethearts stella and max are , Rocky is a sneaky little thing isnt he ? wow I know bites hurt .