Friday, September 23, 2011

Hungry Calypso

Yesterday, I was unexpectedly home for lunch.  I decided to use this as a little one-on-one time with Calypso.  He doesn't really like Thomas, so when I am the only human in the house, I try to accommodate Calypso by giving him some extra attention.

Of course, he ate this up.  Just as Rocky wishes that I would leave Thomas so he could have him to himself, Calypso wishes that I were the only human he lived with.  Actually, I'm pretty sure he wishes it were just the two of us and that there weren't any other parrots around, either!
In any case, he started to try to eat seeds that were in a container on the table:
Isn't he gorgeous?  When we first got him, his wings and tail were entirely green; as he's aged, more yellow and orange have crept in.  He also has a few orange feathers that have started to grow in his black cap.

When that proved fruitless, he climbed up on me and tried to eat food that I was trying to feed myself.  I would have loved to get some pictures of that!  He is pretty determined.

He's still extremely hormonal, so he remains in the kitchen.  It's very hard to strike a balance between giving him a proper amount of attention and getting him too worked up.


phonelady said...

Yep I have dealt with that too .

Suzanne said...

He is so cute. Caiques are amazing birds.