Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nothing unusual

I've just not been taking pictures lately. So much of what's been going on is stuff that I've already posted about here.

But, since it's been a few days since I've posted, I thought I should show some of that tedium.

Yesterday, I told Thomas to peel off more of Andreas's peeling skin. His hands are slightly bigger than mine; plus he does stuff kind of like this in his job, so that's his department. As soon as Thomas grabbed him out of the tank, Rocky ran over to Thomas's feet and started attacking him, as he does when he feels the need to protect another animal (previously, just another parrot) from one of us humans attacking them.

As soon as Rocky realized that Andreas was not protesting, he became very interested in what was happening. He tried to see, even jumping up and down a few times at Thomas's feet, and then he ran up the stairs to be at eye-level with Andreas. Unfortunately, I grabbed the camera after Rocky had decided that what was going on wasn't very interesting, after all. False expectations!************************
The parrots are still happy to have Thomas around so much! April has been a much better month, time-wise (Thomas's months start on the 28th of the previous month). As I was cooking dinner last night, he had a grey parrot at his feet:
A macaw in his lap:
And another grey parrot at his back:************************
Speaking of Stella, she is absolutely obsessed with Thomas, again. She will not stop flying after him. These hasn't been an increase in nesting or other hormonal behavior, and she is still acting the same towards me, but she wants to be on or near Thomas at all times. However, when he is not there, she isn't particularly upset about it. Like many things parrot, it's strange.

It starts the minute he walks in the door and does not let up. He asked me yesterday if he could clip her because it was getting to be too much. I think he was joking, as he realizes that won't happen, at least not for such a petty complaint!

A couple of pictures for illustration follow. He was trying to do the neti pot, and she wanted his attention! What better way to get it than by (roughly) preening his fingers? I removed her after taking this picture, before she escalated to biting over her frustration that he wasn't giving her all of his attention!She's gotten bolder, and is flying to his shoulder, even though she knows that parrots are not allowed on shoulders in our house. He was already in the process of removing her when I took this picture. At least she has retained her sweet disposition and readily steps up! Unfortunately, since she has incredible stamina and perhaps a short memory, she will quickly fly back to his shoulder after being removed.As always, I told him to be happy that he's so popular, but I have been on the receiving end of too much parrot-attention (hence the need for my radius of calm, which they ignore) and I know that can be easier said than done!

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