Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cider helper

When I got home from work yesterday, Thomas was brewing. Actually, he was bottling (a cyser) and racking (a trippel) and making cider. I'm not exactly sure if you "brew" a cider. I got home just in time to cap the cysers. A task that was made more difficult by curious greys investigating my work and a rouge caique who was let out of his cage by a certain severe macaw.

One thing I've mentioned before is how we try to involve the parrots in our activities, in a parrot-safe way. We were opening bottles of apple juice for the cider, so gave one of the caps to Max. She loved it!In fact, after he'd finished his work, Thomas decided to take a quick shower -- guess who followed him into the bathroom, with her toy?
Sorry for a posting delay. I didn't take many pictures over the weekend as I was not really in the mood. Thomas and I helped with an intake of over 40 abused/neglected parrots at the rescue where we volunteer. I went home and cried over the poor condition these birds had been living. My focus was then on spending time with my parrots and making them feel loved, rather then documenting their antics. Thomas almost took home a neglected lovebird ("He can go in Daphne's cage! We have the room!") but sanity (aka Me) prevailed.

One exciting thing that did happen is our pleco came out for a visit! This picture isn't the best, but you can see her eyes flashing a bit.We have gone over 14 months without seeing her, until we found her hiding place. Now, we check on her about once a week to make sure she's still there; however, during these checks, we can normally just see her bristles -- never her whole body like this!

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