Thursday, May 6, 2010

Farmers' market happiness

Yesterday was the first farmers' market of the season. To me, that's the unofficial beginning of summer! There were very few vegetables as yet, since the planting season has barely started, but I was able to get some greens, asparagus, mushrooms, radishes, and a few other things.

I suspect Max was foraging for water and not eating any of the radishes as I couldn't find any parrot beak marks in the radishes:We eat much healthier in the summer when the farmers' market produce is available to us. Our first salad of the season. Yum! (I know I can buy grocery store produce, but am a bit of a produce snob, so we eat much more when it's locally available and tons more delicious!)
Thomas was making yogurt last night, and it had to sit a while until it got down to the right temperature. Max, of course, had to investigate:I just love how she puts her little foot up there, too.

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